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Opah Caught on the Red Rooster III!

Red Rooster III arrived at H&M Landing when skipper Andy Cates docked the boat July 16 after a six-day trip. "Benitos was good fishing," he said. "Cedros was OK, and we spent a nice morning at Sac Reef fishing up the beach. Conditions there looked good."
Lance Yamanaka of Pasadena won first place for his 38-pound yellowtail. He caught it with a sardine on a 4/0 VMC hook on 25-pound Seaguar Premier fluorocarbon, 25-pound Izorline and 60-pound Izorline spectra. He used a Trinidad 16 N reel and a Calstar 850 H rod. View The Full Report

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Spiral Wrapped Rods - By: Ko Tamura
"Your rod's broken", "Were you on something when you built that?", "What happened to your rod?" These are all commonly heard comments when the uninitiated sees a spiral wrapped rod for the first time. The design is also known as acid and Robert's Wrap. As strange as they may appear, it is quite possibly the best way to build a rod for use with a conventional reel.
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Calico Bass Techniques - By: Steve Greanias Paralabrax Clathratus is one of the most popular sport fish on our California coast. You may know them better as Kelp Bass, or even more so as the Calico Bass. The Calico Bass has gained the admiration of many sport fishermen because of their willingness to pounce on artificial lures. Calico Bass can routinely be taken on a myriad of baits in almost every presentation imaginable,
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A Class Act: The Life of James "Rollo" Heyn - By: Capt. Michael Towle The man in the crow's nest was glued to his binoculars, scanning the horizon. Nothing; only water, and other boats. As he looked through the other boats he saw it; yes for sure he had seen it. But why had none of the other boats? He spoke into the intercom, to alert the captain. The captain fired up the center diesel, and brought it up to speed. He then throttled up the two other diesels.
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