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Big Fish Stories - Bud Brittain - 50# & 61# White Seabass

Angler: Bud Brittain
Boat: Monalisa - Capt. Juan Cook
Location / Date: San Quintin, Mexico - 9/11/08
Fight Time: 15 Minutes
Reel: Avet SX and a MXJ
Rod: Calstar 700XLH and a 700L
Line: 25 and 30# P-line
Leader: NA
Hook/Lure: 50# fish on a 2 1/4 oz. green mack Kroc w/ live mackeral
61# fish on a small heavy chrome Kroc w/ live mackeral
Bait: Live Mackerel
The Story:
Stopped on a huge school of working birds/fish in 50-60 ft of water over sand in the San Ramon area. About 5 miles north of San Martin and a mile off the beach. Got five 20-30# seabass and some sandbass up to 8# ithat mourning in about 2 hours throwing the krocs, hooking a mack with them and then into the rod holders. Would get bit on the drift with the kroc/mack combo. We wanted to run back up on the birds again after about 3 drifts but motor trouble so we continured to drift. I thought our day was done but it did'nt take long for the 50# fish to give me a thrill . Huge run, turned back and shooting under the boat, flopping and tail slapping on the surface about 50 ft from the boat, down and around the boat a couple times shaking its head. Very squirly fish. Did'nt think it was that big till it was within gaff range and then I knew.

The 61# fish hit and went down and away. Felt like a tractor. Just steady surging with the rod making big thumps with each tail beat. I knew it was big. After about 5 minutes of this it turned and slowly worked it's way back to the boat. A couple passes under and around the stern out of sight. Then came up to color about 25ft behind the boat. Turned and swam staight at and up towards the props but Juan interupted his path with the gaff. But only after exclaiming "Oh Bud" just before he stuck it.

That fish dwarfed the 50# fish which I had weighed earlier on a hand scale that just barely bottomed out at 50#. We thought the big one would go 65# but these fish look a lot bigger then they weigh out at. Both later weighed at a fish market. Last two fish of the trip. Limped about 1/2 way home and then had to be towed. Just gave me more time to stare at um.

Share Your Big Fish Story

Do you have a Big Fish Story you want to share? The fish does not have to be a Cow Tuna but can be your own personal trophy catch. If so please email the following information to: westcoastangler@yahoo.com
Please include the following:
Angler Name
Boat Name
Date Caught
Fight Time
Reel Used
Rod Used
Line Used
Leader Used
Hook or Lure Used
Type of Bait
The story of the catch
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On December 31,2008 we will pick the top Big Fish Story and the winner will receive a WCA jacket, 6-WCA pattern Salas Lures & 4 packs of VMC Nemesis Ringed Circle Hooks!

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